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February 1, 2012
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X-Men sample page by spidermanfan2099 X-Men sample page by spidermanfan2099
X-Men v3 #16 page 13 coloured sample

So, this was bound to happen eh? I mean who really passes up on doing an X-Men test page?!

I wasn't initially gonna do one as my time has been tight, but you cant miss opportunity's like these when they come along, small or big, you have to put yourself forward or you'll kick yourself later.

Lines by the superb Zurdom/Jorge Molina :iconzurdom:

Colours by me, 2099.

I didn't have nearly as much time as I would have liked on this, but I squeezed it in. I started it a couple afternoons back and spent a good 5-6 hours on it. I'm pretty happy with the way it went, there's some bits i'd like to work on some more, but when is that never the case with your work haha? ;)

Anyway, :iconrobaato: has this one in the bag as far as i'm concerned, with his 4 sample pages of pure awesomeness, I just needed the sequential practice again after so long.

Hope you like it guys :D


PS. I would have liked a script to work from, as I don't read the title, I have no idea what's going haha! If anyone has the issue, let me know whats supposed to be going on eh :D
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NayMoon May 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice work !
Hehe, thanks man (clean up after yourself please mate!) :D
Ross-A-Campbell Feb 5, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Trying your hand at this too huh? Looks tight man. Very cool rendering :).
Thanks Ross. Yeah, I had a shot too, not alot of time, but it was a nicee practice piece to learn from :D
This is awesome! 5 or 6 hours?? It would have taken me like 2 days to colour and not looked as good. I love especially the whispy smoke from Cyclops' visor in panel 2.

Didja get any gigs outta this?
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